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Within the context of the largest restoration project of the Library of the Episcopal Seminary (BSV) in the 17th c. building complex of the former Minim convent of Conversano, a series of works entitled Crescamus were promoted and launched by the Bishop of Conversano-Monopoli, Msgr. Domenico Padovano.

The motto crescamus in illo per omnia, taken from a Pauline letter, is inscribed in bold letters on the neo-classic façade of the seminary. A faithful representation of the Italian Risorgimento era, the architectural design of the seminary was chosen by Bishop Giuseppe Maria Mucedola (1848-1865) and Domenico Morea (1833-1902) and carried out by Architect Sante Simone.

The Crescamus books contain, in particular, a variety of unpublished manuscripts whose aim is to foster historical research of our territory.

Though written with a scientific slant, the series is easily comprehensible to readers of all levels as well as to the professional scholar. Consequently, the original documents written in Latin will also be translated into modern Italian.

The predominance of religious documentation is not the result of an “ideological” or cultural bias but a natural consequence, inasmuch as it represents the vast majority of the town’s collection of documents after the unfortunate losses that occurred in 1503, 1886, and to a lesser degree, in 1911. Moreover, in the past, religious life was inextricably intertwined, even fused, with the civil and social spheres of society.
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